10 Reasons To Use a Temporary Staffing Agency

//10 Reasons To Use a Temporary Staffing Agency

10 Reasons To Use a Temporary Staffing Agency

For businesses all across the United States finding talented, long-term employees is a task that can be overwhelmingly difficult.  According to recent data from a survey conducted by LinkedIn the average individual changes jobs four times by the age of 32. This means that business owners should only expect new hires to stay around for only 2-3 years before they move on to bigger and better things.  

Frequent job changes are tough for small businesses and big corporations alike because it utilizes valuable resources such as staff time and money.  Furthermore, hiring new employees has the ability to decrease productivity by taking priority throughout the department instead of important projects or initiatives.

Due to the high demand for new employees and the amount of time that it takes to hire them, many companies are turning to staffing agencies to meet their needs.  In fact, throughout the year staffing agencies find employment for up to 15 million people and find employees for 90% of United States companies.

For companies who are not yet utilizing staffing agencies to fill their vacant positions, there are many reasons to do so. Here are ten of those reasons.

Staffing Agencies Have a Great Network

Staffing agencies are successful because they want to make their customers (employers) happy. Their goal is to provide the best, most dependable employees in order to keep their customers coming back for more.  To find the best employees staffing agencies have their hands in all of the best networks across the country. They know exactly where to look for top executives and exactly where to look for a temporary, by-contract employee. Furthermore, every time a staffing agency helps someone find a job that they love, word of mouth spreads and they are presented with even more ready and willing employees to send to businesses that need them.

Working With a Staffing Agency Saves Money

Traditionally, companies find talented employees by thumbing through stacks of resumes and conducting countless phone interviews. This process not only takes up a lot of time but in turn, it also costs companies a lot of money. On the other hand, staffing agencies have proven, successful methods to find employees through their extensive networks and talented recruiters.  These processes work seamlessly to save companies both the time and money they are losing because they are provided by contract and at a negotiated rate.

Staffing Agencies Help You Find Both Long-Term and Short-Term Employees

No matter the needs of the business, the staffing agency is there to meet them.  Some staffing agencies specialize in providing a certain type of employee, such as top executives.  However, most agencies provide a myriad of services to their clients in the form of hourly employees, temporary contract employees, and permanent employees.  One of the biggest perks of using a staffing agency is that they are to help with whatever needs arise in terms of staffing and they often guarantee that they will pull through.

Staffing Agencies Provide Expertise

Recruiters at staffing agencies who fill open positions are experts in their field.  They work in the trenches every day and know exactly what questions to ask, when to ask them, and what tactics to use to find only the best candidates.  Furthermore, their knowledge can provide the employment candidates with the information they need to find the positions that they want, which creates a win-win situation for both parties.

Staffing Agencies Give You a Trial Period

Most staffing agencies hire employees, especially temporary and hourly employees on a by-contract basis.  When they are assigned to a company they are given a trial period where they are paid through the staffing agency as a temporary employee until the company that they are working for makes the decision to hire them on as a permanent employee.  By using this method, companies save money because they do not have to invest in expenditures such as employee benefits before they know that they are satisfied with the employee’s work.

Working with a Staffing Agency Maintains Productivity

When a business or department has to fill a vacant position it is easy for each employee within the department to get off-task and caught up in all of the activity that surrounds hiring a new employee.  However, if a business chooses to use a staffing agency, instead of all of the hustle and bustle taking place within the office, it occurs outside. Eliminating the distraction of the hiring process from within the office helps to maintain productivity level through the time that the new employee is hired, thus saving money for the company.

Staffing Agencies Can Provide Assistance on Short Notice

In the world of business, there are definitely times when the unexpected takes place and an employer is left in a rut with little or nowhere to turn.  Whether the situation is an unexpected project that needs extra hands, the sudden loss of a valuable employee, or an unforeseen increase in volume a staffing agency is there to help.  And, it is in these types of situations that they really shine. At any moment, staffing agencies have top talent ready to go for the right opportunity. If you are stuck in a bind, a talent agency is the best way to go, because you are still going to get the cream of the crop instead of the bottom of the barrel.

Staffing Agencies Recruit the Best Talent

The way that staffing agencies make money is by providing top employees to the companies that they work with.  Although there are many different pricing methods including contracts, flat fees, percentages, and even tiered systems one thing is certain; they know where their bread is being buttered.  If a staffing agency provides low-level talent or inexperienced, unenthusiastic workers to a client, that client is not likely to return to them and use their services again. For that reason, they will do everything in their power to seek out the best employees and put them in the positions that they are the best fit for.

Utilizing a Staffing Agency Reduces Stress Among Hiring Managers

For large companies, the hiring process can be very overwhelming for the HR department. That’s why many choose to utilize a staffing agency for at least a portion of their hiring, if not all of it.  For example, a company will utilize a top talent agency to find them the best executives and supervisors, or a company will utilize a multi-functional staffing agency to find them their hourly/temporary employees.  When one of these burdens is lifted from the hiring managers or HR department, they are able to focus more of their energy in one direction and create better outcomes for the company instead of spreading themselves too thin.  Furthermore, it is usually less expensive to hire a staffing agency for a portion of the company instead of hiring 1-2 more full-time employees to do the same job.

Staffing Agencies Provide More Leverage than Corporate Recruiters

Unlike a staffing agency corporate recruiters are often part of a large company’s HR department and focus all of their time and energy on finding top employees.  Although this method is successful for some companies, using a corporate recruiter instead of a staffing agency leaves many lingering possibilities for finding the best employees.  Due to the fact that staffing agencies hire for multiple companies, they have their finger on the pulse of many different industries and can see where multiple changes are occurring all at once.  Often times this gives them the ability to step in and capture some of the best employees. However, a corporate recruiter, because they are squared away within the walls of one company is not usually as adapt to what is occurring in the outside world.   

For any type of business working with a staffing agency is one of the best decisions that can be made in terms of the hiring process and talent acquisition.  It is guaranteed to save the company time, money and frustration when looking to find people to fill open positions. Staffing agencies will work hard for you and value your partnership.  They are dedicated to finding the best people and the best fit for both the companies that they are hiring for and the employees that use them to find jobs.

If you are a company with needs related to talent acquisition or staffing, be sure to find a staffing agency near you today.

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